Argenta Limo Interviewed About Successful Chauffeur Retention


Argenta Limo’s general manager, Kathy Baker, was recently interviewed by Luxury Coach & Transportation Magazine (LCT) about how she retains the companies’ chauffeurs. Finding hardworking employees is what LCT refers to as the luxury transportation industry’s “single largest issue.”

One way that Baker has been successful in cultivating valuable employees is by ensuring they receive proper training. Argenta Limo uses a chauffeur training program called PAX that not only helps train new employees, but also assists with the initial hiring process by providing a pre-interview survey. When reviewing these survey responses, Baker looks for applicants with previous customer service experience as she believes this makes future training easier.

The article also highlights a long-time Argenta Limo employee, Larry Clemens, who was recently named Director of Operations after starting with the company as a chauffeur. Baker attributes this type of success with employees to being a boss that takes a genuine interest in the lives and well-being of her staff. “When they can tell you care about them, they’ll always go the extra mile,” Baker said in her interview.

In addition to hardworking, professional chauffeurs, Argenta Limo also prides themselves on having vehicles that are clean inside and out. Baker says this thorough care of their fleet has won the company new clients and affiliates.

The full interview can be read on the LCT website.